About Us

St Vincent’s Private Hospital is an accredited acute surgical, medical, rehabilitation and palliative care hospital which provides a wide range of hospital services.

The Hospital is committed to providing patients with quality health care in a warm and compassionate environment. From initial consultation to diagnosis, treatment and recovery, patients receive the best in hospital care from St Vincent’s highly qualified staff.

There is no need to delay if surgery or medical care is required. Prompt admission to St Vincent’s Private Hospital is available to patients covered by private health insurance, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and those who are self funding.

Patients may be referred to St Vincent’s by their General Practitioner for medical treatment. St Vincent’s provide 24 hour Medical Staff cover to ensure the highest level of care.

When you require surgery ask your doctor for admission to St Vincent’s Private Hospital. Our operating theatres are fully equipped to cater for major surgical procedures.

Located within the grounds of St Vincents Private Hospital is St Josephs Aged Care Facility. St Josephs is a 130 bed facility catering for dementia specific, frail aged and palliative care of the elderly.

The ‘Friends’ Child Care Centre, located on the northern extremity is a long day care centre which provides quality child care for babies, toddlers and a full preschool program for 3 – 5 year olds.

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