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Celebrating International Nurses Day at St Vincent’s

St Vincents Private Hospital is pleased to be celebrating International Nurses Day this year with their nurses and auxiliary staff on Friday, 10 May 2013 from midday.

Mr Bob Walsh, CEO of St Vincent’s Private Hospital, said that this year’s International Nurses Day's theme is "Closing the gap: 'Equity and Access to Health Care', an important theme that features in the education programs for the staff.

The education programs examine Aboriginal health, health for veterans, as well as special needs groups, who require both specialised clinical and emotional care," said Mr Walsh.

Nurses don't work in isolation; they need support from administration, wards people, hospitality, educators and all the other staff that make the Hosptial work," said Mr Walsh.

“All staff in our Hospital contribute to the care of our patients so we want to celebrate this day with all our people,” said Mr Walsh.

International Nurses Day is also celebrated with our inspiring volunteers.

"Our dedicated volunteers are essential to the pastoral care of our Hospital. We are very grateful for their time and we want to publically acknolwedge their commitment," said Mr Walsh.



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