Patient Experience

Being a strong part of the Northern Rivers community St Vincent’s Lismore is proud of our strong connection to our consumers. Therefore it is high important that we are always engaging with our consumers in a variety of ways to ensure we are providing a high quality service that our community needs and wants.

Our patients’ experiences are monitored and measured through:

Patient Feedback Forms

On discharge all patients are provided the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience.

Quarterly Patient Surveys

St Vincent’s Lismore as commenced as systematic survey program to gather the views of patients. This program builds on the patient feedback forms to gain more insight into the care patients recently received.

Have you recently received a questionnaire in the mail? Click here for more information.

Focus Groups

St Vincent’s Lismore regularly coordinates focus group sessions with past patients to develop a greater understanding of the patient’s view of their experiences. Focus groups provide former patients (and their carers) a relaxed and comfortable environment for them to share their experiences and how these experiences have impacted them.