Partnering with Consumers


Working with our patients and their families helps achieve the best health outcomes.

We encourage you to get involved in planning and making decisions about your care.

Consumer Advisory Group 

Feedback from our consumers and the local community plays a key role in improving the experiences and care we provide our patients. 

Our Consumer Advisory Group plays an important role in the operation of our hospital by offering a consumer perspective to organisational decision making.

The committee meets every second month with representatives of the hospital’s Executive Team, providing suggestions, ideas and feedback on patient information and organisational projects such as the hospital’s models of care, service development, marketing and business development opportunities.

What is a Consumer Advisor?

A Consumer Advisor is a current or past patient of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Lismore. A Consumer Advisor can also be a carer or family member of our patients. By sharing your personal experiences of our health service, you can assist us to improve patient experience.

Consumer Advisors volunteer their time to bring an invaluable patient, family or community perspective. They participate in committees, focus groups and a range of other activities to ensure the patient perspective is always considered in service improvements.

At an organisational level, the Community Advisory Group advises the Patient Care Committee about broad issues affecting the patient experience and how it can be improved.

Share your experience

Depending on your interest, experience and availability, opportunities include:

  • Story sharing – You can help by talking about your health care experiences with clinicians, staff, and other patients
  • Committees and working groups – Participate in meetings with other consumers and staff to share the patient perspective
  • Patient information – You can review and help create brochures, factsheets and other publications that readers can understand and use
  • Short-term projects – Partner with staff on short term projects or focus groups to help improve services
  • Serve on an advisory group – Meet with other Consumer Advisors with similar experiences and make recommendations to staff
  • Collect patient feedback – Survey patients about their experience of care to measure our performance
  • Staff orientation and education – Assist in presenting the concept of patient and family centred care using your own experiences
  • Digital technology – Give us ideas and help user test new ways of communicating health and patient information


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