Dr David Jackson

Lismore Haematology Suites 8&9, Level 3 St Vincents Specialist Medical Centre 20 Dalley Street LISMORE NSW 2480

Phone: 02 6622 0388
Fax: 02 6621 9018

Dr Jackson provides ambulatory care for Haematology patients receiving chemotherapy. As well as this, Dr Jackson provides the following non-malignant or malignant related services as a medical day only patient through the Oncology Unit: • venesections (for patients with hemochromatosis or polycythaemia rubra vera) • immunoglobulin infusions • iron infusions • blood and blood product administration • antibody therapies (eg. Rituximab for rheumatoid arthritis) • IV fluid and electrolyte replacement. • central line dressing changes and maintenance. Referrals and bookings are coordinated directly with the Oncology Unit with minimal waiting times. Referrals, along with instructions for the patients care requirements, can be sent to: Ward Business Coordinator, Oncology Unit, St Vincent’s Private Hospital. Phone: 6627 9361 Fax: 6627 9362